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Traide Ringer EA:


Take 3 currency pairs, combine them and spin like a wheel
One is loss, the other is profit
Or 2 are at a loss and one is at a profit

Chart-4 hours 1 day

Recommended to run from Sunday to Wednesday

Which currency pairs does Traide Ringer trade?
These currency pairs operate in a coordinated manner most of the time, which allows Traide Ringer to profit from one currency pair while the other currency pair is negative.


Loss is a natural phenomenon of any transaction and should not cause unnecessary alarms. At the same time, we are responsible and make informed decisions to help avoid drawdowns at the wrong time.
Floating loss expectation:
$ .01 per 1,000 (recommended)
Floating drop expected = 2-5%
Recommended rights protector = 20-25
$ .02 per 1000 (moderate risk) (above the recommended value)
Floating drop expected = 3-8%
Recommended rights protector = 25-30
$.03 per 1000 (high risk) (aggressive; not recommended unless the account size is $3,000)
Floating drop expected = 6-15%
Recommended rights protector = 30
Here are some factors that may cause unexpected losses

News events = If the software runs in economic news events, it may cause high market volatility, then using the Traide Ringer software can bring a higher shrinking experience.
Low liquidity-run software when liquidity is low; bank holidays, between meetings and Fridays. This is because there is less volatility when liquidity is low, which leads to less market volatility. When this happens, the software has fewer opportunities to close profitable positions, so you may suffer more losses than normal.
Run anything that is different from the recommended settings provided by the company, such as more aggressive settings, and start Traide Ringer immediately after the market opens on Sunday (the spread is not normalized).



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